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Acceptance Ritual
This is a quick and easy ritual for accepting the world about you and the diversity in it.
Birthday Ritual
This is a ritual to thank the Goddess and God for another year on Earth in this life.
To Bless an athame
This is a ritual to bless a new athame to the Goddess and God.
Burial Rite for a Deceased Pet
This is just what it says above. This is an extreamly good ritual, and will really help with closure. I don't know the name of the author, but I thank her very much for this work.
Ritual for Healing After the Loss of a Loved One
Another very good ritual for closure, this time for a human Loved one.
Healing Ritual
A good ritual for healing. It is intended for the caster to do on his/herself, but it can be easily modified for work on others.
Ritual for consecrating an Altar to the Lady and Lord
A good ritual for the consecration of a personal altar.

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