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Here are a few more Pics that I hope you enjoy.
These are free pics and graphics from various places on the net. These may not be used in any commercial manner without the author's permission. I am not the author of any of these pictures.

This is one of my favorite images of the Goddess
This is a statue of Athena. Isn't she beautiful!?!
I just LOVE this picture!!
A CyberWitch! I think this picture is just hilarious!!
I wish more people knew this fact.
Our country was founded by Diests, NOT Christians, with the hope that any and all persons living in this land could worship in their own way.
Hail to America
Home of the free and land of the brave. Let's stay free.
Another of my favorite images of the Goddess
A fantastic representation of the Moon Goddess
This is one of my favorite images of the God
I think this is one of the best representations of the God that I have ever seen.
This is just plain cool.
I really like this picture.

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