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< Yule Ritual
Yule ~ (circa Dec. 21) ~ The Goddess gives birth to the God. This is not an adaptation of the Christian holiday, as this time of year has been associated with a time of divine birth since long before the birth of Christ. This is the shortest day of the year, and it also marks the sun's rebirth. It is a grand reminder that the ultimate result of death is rebirth.
Imbolc Ritual >
Imbolc/Imbolg ~ (Feb 2) ~ This marks the Goddess' recovery from having given birth to the God. A Sabbat of purification after being closed in all through the cold winter months. The days are getting longer, and the earliest beginnings of Spring start to fertilize the Earth (Goddess) once again. Other names for Imbolc include Feast of Torches, Oimelc, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Snowdrop Festival, Feast of the Waxing Light, & Brigid's Day.
< Ostara Ritual
Ostara ~ (circa Mar. 21) ~ This marks the Spring Equinox, when natures energy is shifting from Winter to Spring. The Goddess covers the Earth in fertility as the God becomes mature. Other names for Ostara include Rites of Spring & Eostra's Day.
Beltane Ritual >
Beltane ~ (Apr. 30) ~ This is the time when the God emerges into manhood. He and the Goddess fall in love and unite. The symbol of her fertility is celebrated in this ritual. Beltane & May Day have been a time of feast & rituals for a very long time.

< Litha Ritual
Litha/Midsummer ~ (circa June 21) ~ This is when the powers of nature are at their highest. The Goddess and God lavish fertility upon the Earth. This is a classic time for magick of all kinds. Also known as the Summer Solstice.
Lughnasadh Ritual >
Lughnasadh/Lammas ~ (Aug. 1) ~ This marks the time of the first harvest. Spring time plants begin to wither and drop their fruits for us to use as well as to ensure future crops. Nights are starting to become longer weakening the God once again. The God is dying, yet still lives on inside the Goddess as her child. This is a reminder that nothing in the universe is constant. Other names for Lughnasadh include August Eve, Feast of Bread, & Harvest Home.
< Mabon Ritual
Mabon ~ (circa Sep. 21) ~ This marks the end of the harvest which had begun on Lughnasadh. Day and night have become equal again, and the God prepares to leave the "physical" plane. Nature gets ready for winter and a kind of hibernation. Also known as the Autumn Equinox.
Samhain Ritual >
Samhain ~ (Oct. 31) ~ This is a temporary farewell to the God. A time of reflection, and looking back over the last year, and coming to terms with death. Many feel that it is a night when the separation between physical and spiritual realms is thin, and this time may be used to remember and honor those who have passed before. Other names for Samhain include November Eve, Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples, Hallows, & All Hallows. The next celebration is at Yule, and so continues the cycle.

< About the Sabbats
This is a document that summarizes all the Sabbats into one page, well two actually, but in one document.

Yule Carols >
Here are several Yule carols that I have found around and about on the net. I hope you enjoy them.


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